Rush Creek
Starting in the high country, Rush creek connects several lakes beofre descending down to Silver Lake and on to Grant Lake on the June Lakes Loop then on to Mono Lake.

The section from Silver Lake to Grant Lake, which is about 25 minutes from the shop, is stocked and heavily fished during the Summer months, but can produce some large Rainbows and Browns.

The section from Grant Lake to Mono Lake is less crowded and can produce nice Browns to 16" on nymphs and dry flies.

  San Joaquin River
This river passes through an alpine valley at 9000 feet from Agnew Meadows, which is about 20 minutes from the shop through Devil's Postpile National Monument, to Rainbow Falls, and eventually down the western side of the Sierra. One of the easiest access areas to have a chance at putting a Golden Trout in the net.

The sections in the valley are planted with 10" to 13" Rainbows and also hold lots of 8" to 12" Browns. Less fished areas will offer larger, wild browns to 16"+.

Great place to learn to fish dry flies!
Silver Lake
One of the four lakes on the June Lakes Loop, Silver Lake is planted with lots of 10" to 13" stock Rainbows on a regular basis. Float tubing at the inlet end in the evenings can easily produce twenty fish to boost back up your confidence after a tough day on a technical section of a stream.

Silver Lake is about 25 minutes from the shop entering from the southern entrance to the "loop" off of Highway 395. There is a nice parking lot and bathrooms about fifty feet from the water.
Catch and Release Wild Trout!    

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