Crowley Lake Stillwater Classic

August 8, 2009

Rules Description

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Crowley Lake Stillwater Classic
Rules and Registration Information

1. All legal and USCG approved floatation devices, powerboats, pontoons, float
tubes, kayaks, etc… shall be admitted to participate in the event. Boats must be a
minimum of 12 feet in length and have at least a 5 horsepower motor as well as
all USCG safety gear. Fish finding equipment, sonar’s, GPS units, are
permissible in the event. Contestants are responsible for complying with all
applicable state and local boating laws, and shall have an approved floatation
device for each passenger.

2. Private boaters without Crowley Lake Fish Camp season passes will be required
to pay regular lake use and parking fees, which are $20 per day. Slips are
available for an additional $15 per day and reservations are encouraged, as the
slips are limited.

3. Contestants must conform to all current DFG regulations and display current
licenses if applicable. DFG violations will result in disqualification.

4. Contestants must use a fly rod with either floating or sinking lines. You may fish
with ONLY one rod. Spare rods, reels, and alternate rigs are allowable; they must
not be fished simultaneously. Strike indicators, multi- fly rigs (up to three flies),
streamers or wet flies, dry flies, are all allowed. Hooks must be barbless as per
DFG regulations.

5. There are two categories in the event, Individual and Team. Teams may have any
number of members. Your total team score will be tallied and then divided by the sum
of its members. Example: Team #5 has 4 members. The team compiles 24
points during the event. 24 divided by 4 equals 6. This would be the score that
your team would post for a prize in that category. You may enter in either or both of the individual and team categories.

6. In the event of a tie, or ties, in either of the categories, the prizes will be split
up evenly or decided by drawing amongst the winners.

7. Employees of the Crowley Lake Fish Camp, licensed guides, or persons
administratively associated with the event are not eligible for prizes. Entrants are not allowed to receive advice or have licensed guides in their boats if competing for prizes. Although guides, or entrants fishing with guides are not eligible for prizes
, they are welcome to enter the contest and will be recognized at the awards cermony if they place but prizes will be passed down to the next place. A total of five places, excluding guides and entrants fishing with guides, will be awarded in each category. Entry fees are $75.00 for each contestant in the team and individual categories, or $150 if you enter in both categories.

8. Each entrant in each category will also receive one (1) raffle ticket for additional prizes. Preregistration by August 1st 2009, will entitle you to a BBQ style dinner, and a
commemorative T-shirt. You may purchase additional raffle tickets for $10 each
or 3 for $25.00.

9. Points are scored by successfully hooking then netting, or bringing your hand to
the leader’s end and releasing the fish. All species of fish in Crowley are
eligible. Each successfully caught and released fish will receive one point. Each
contestant or team shall be issued a whistle and numbered flag. When a
contestant successfully hooks a fish they shall use the whistle to insure that a
judge has witnessed the hook up. Judges will observe the contestant until he or
she successfully nets or releases the fish. The contestant will then display their
individually numbered flag and the judge boat will acknowledge a score by
sounding an audible horn.

10. This is strictly a catch and release tournament and contestants will not be scored
points for fish that are removed from the water for measuring, weighing, or hook
removal. Length or weight of the fish is NOT important. A 10 inch fish will be
scored as much as a 24 inch fish. Fish that are netted and removed totally from
the water and into a boat or dry tube apron will NOT be scored by the judge.
Judge boats will be “roving” to inform contestants of fish that are not scored due
to “long distance releases” or an improper release. Nets must be of smooth nylon
or rubber materials. Monofilament nets severely damage the fish’s skin and fins
and will not be allowed in the event. You may successfully release a fish by
dislodging the barbless hook with the use of pliers or other hook dislodging tools
without putting a fish into a net. However, the body of the fish must remain in the
water throughout the process in order to be scored.

11. The event will begin on August 8th 2009 at 6:30am and will continue (weather
permitting) until 1 p.m that day. Check in and equipment issuance (flags,
whistles) will begin on Friday August7th at 9am and close at 8 pm. Preregistration
is strongly encouraged.

12. Crowley Lake Fish Camp Staff will be on hand Friday, August 7th to answer questions and inform contestants where the events areas and boundaries shall be for the Classic.

13. All of the proceeds from the First Annual Crowley Lake Still Water Classic will
be used to stock Brown Trout in Crowley Lake, including all monies generated
through the sales of raffle tickets. So buy lots of raffle tickets!!!

Click Here to download your entry form (adobe pdf file)