The Fish Report - May 17th, 2018

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Lakes Basin is now Open as of May 17th! Exciting times, with more water to fish.

We are on Summer hours in the shop from

6am - 8pm 7 Days


Recent Photos of our Clients and Customers.


Check out this short video from the East Walker HERE


Mark checking out things on the Upper Owens River. Shot by our online sales manager Chris. Killer shot!



A very nice rainbow caught by future guide and shop employee, Kyle Randolph.


Really nice rainbow pulled out of Hot Creek last week. Nice fish, and way to keep him in the net Gerritt!



A very chunky fish flop. No fish were harmed in the making of this flop.



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The Fish Report - May 17, 2018

We only report first-hand info from our 16 guides

on the water daily , Bishop to Bridgeport.

Consult the DFG Regulations for specifics.


Mammoth Lakes Basin - Local Weather

Water Conditions: Fair

Cold, some ice still on lakes higher up.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

Opened on the 17th!

Water is still cold, so fish may be lethargic. Slow down your presentations and when fishing streamers, throw a trailer midge or nymph behind it.


Recommended Flies:

Streamers: Doc's Twin Lakes Sepcial #10-12, Crystal Bugger #10-12, Beldar Bugger #10-12, Pops Bugger #8-12

Nymphs: Barr's Copper John #12-18, Zebra Midge #14-18, Lightning Bug #16-18

Guides Hint:


Water Conditions: Fair

Water is clear and cold. Flows are at 42cfs as of 5/17.

Click "Flows" above for up to the minute info.

(Includes 20cfs for spring + Mammoth Creek flows)

(Note flows include water from the springs, not just the gauging station at the highway so this is what is really flowing through the canyon)

Fishing conditions and Hatches:Fair

Fishing has been fluctuating with the change in flows triggered by small storms.




Recommended Flies:

DRIES: Parachute Adams #18-16, Extended Body BWO #18-16, Elk Hair Caddis #18-16, Parachute Caddis, #18-16

NYMPHS: Zebra Midge #18-20, Tungsten Psycho #18-20, Bottom Roller Caddis #14-18, Nitro Caddis #16-18, Hares Ear #14-18

STREAMERS: Meat Whistle, Crystal Bugger and D's Hoover Mover. Try on a floating line with short leader to avoid snags.

Guides Hint: If rain does affect the flows, don't be afraid to size up your flies a bit.


SAN JOAQUIN RIVER         Local Weather and Flows  Road closed.
Visitor Center Info (760) 924-5500

Water Conditions

Flows at 600 cfs as of 4/28

Click "Flows" above for up to the minute info.

Fishing conditions and Hatches:

Road will probably open by 4th of July

Recommended Flies:



Guides Hint:


CROWLEY LAKE -   Local Weather    Fish Camp Cam  Crowley Cam     Surface Elevation UPDATED 5-5


Water Conditions:

The lake is jugged. DWP said they would take it down a little this past month but level is still only 7ft below the spillway. The lake should be nice and full for the forseeable future.



Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

Sandy has run its course and is now dead.

McGee has a few fish still out deep SE of the bathroom in about 23 ft of water but much better in about 13-15 ft of water along the north side east and west of the bathroom.

Alligator has been very good but only for those who can fish 26 ft deep.

Fish spread out but quite a few in north arm out in middle off Green Banks 18 ft and less depth.

Recommended Flies:


Albino Barons, Red Barons early and later in the morning go to Copper Tigers, Red/Black dubbed head Optinidges, then Flashback Gray/Black Optimidges, Shaft Emergers when sun is overhead - all small.

Guides Hint: If depths of 18 ft plus scare you off, you need to book a trip with Kent and learn a new technique perfected over the last couple of years fishing straight down with no indicator. Very powerful and you don't even have to stare at a bobber all day - you feel the takes.


UPPER OWENS RIVER- Local Weather and Flows


Water Conditions: Fair

Closed to all fishing from Benton Crossing down to the monument.This section will open the saturday of Memorial weekend.

Flows are at 105 cfs as of 5/17 Above the Confluence, 147 cfs below.

Click "Flows" above for up to the minute info.

Water is pretty clear.


Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fair

Water is very clear about the confluence of Hot Creek.

Some fish starting to stage for the spawn. Please leave paired up fish alone, these fish are the future of our fisheries.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: Stimulator #16, Extended Body BWO #16, Elk Hair Caddis #16-18, Parachute Adams #16-20

NYMPHS: #12-16 Bead Head Prince Nymph, #16-18 Pheasant Tail, Flashback Hares Ear #14-16, Red Copper John #12-14

STREAMERS: Meat Whistle, D's Hoover Mover. Big and ugly. Dead drifted on stripped under the banks on a Type 3 sinking line.

Guides Hint:Water is very clear up high, make your approach sneaky.


Lower Owens River - Local Weather and Flows

Water Conditions: Fair

Flows are at 315 cfs as of 5/17

Water is slowly slowing down.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

Some smaller fish coming up for the dries, but your best bet is getting nice long drifts on a nymph rig

Recommended Flies:

Griffith's Gnat #20, Extended Body BWO #20, Para Adams #18-20, Elk Hair Caddis #16-20, Parachute Caddis #16-18

NYMPH: Zebra Midge #20, WD-40 Black #20, Baetis B/H 18-20, Barr's Uncased Caddis #14-16, Caddis Pupa #16-20, Barr's Copper John #14-18

STREAMERS: Big and ugly!

Guides Hint:


East Walker River - Local Weather and Flows

Water Conditions: Fair

Flows at 237cfs as of 5/17.

Click "Flows" above for up to the minute info.


Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

Fishing has been good. Getting pressured some, so fish might be a bit more timid to take things that don't look perfect.


DRIES: Big flies to get fish to come up and eat them. Stimulator #8, Parawolf Purple #10, Chernobyl Ant #12-16

NYMPHS: Radiation Baetis #16, Copper Zebra #16, BH Prince Nymphs #12-14, Olive Birds Nest #10-14, Caddis Larva #10-16, Nitro Caddis #14-18

STREAMERS: Meat Whistle #2, D's Hoover Mover Rust #4, Hornbergs #10-12

Guides Hint:


Pyramid Lake, NV   - Report Courtesy of Chris Wharton Call 775-851-1558 for more info or bookings.

Water conditions:


Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

No recent reports

Recommended Flies:


Guides Hint:


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