The Fish Report - November 15th, 2018

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Fall weather is continuing through October with no sign of winter yet!

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Upper Owens beauty!



Beautiful day on a beautiful lake with bent rods, doesn't get much better!


Pyramid/The Big Lake is always a great time!



Guide Brennan Turner sure does know where to find the big ones! Smiles all around!



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The Fish Report - November 15th, 2018

We only report first-hand info from our 16 guides

on the water daily from Bishop to Bridgeport.

Consult the DFG Regulations for specifics.


Mammoth Lakes Basin - Local Weather

Water Conditions: Great


Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

the lakes basis is closed after the 15th of this month



Recommended Flies:

Streamers: Doc's Twin Lakes Sepcial #10-12, Crystal Bugger #10-12, Beldar Bugger #10-12, Pops Bugger #8-12

Nymphs: Barr's Copper John #12-18, Zebra Midge #14-18, Lightning Bug #16-18

Guides Hint:


Water Conditions: Fair

Flows are at 17 cfs as of 11/15

Click "Flows" above for up to the minute info.


Fishing conditions and Hatches:Good

Not much has changed on Hot creek. BWO and caddis are still the primary hatches with bwo's morning to mid day and caddis towards the evening. Theres some great dry fly action to be had throughout the day when bugs are in the air. otherwise shalow nymph rigs are your best bet to get into some fish. both Czech nymphing and indicator rigs are good options. streamers are still producing some good fish in deeper holes but can be cumbersome in shollower runs due to the weeds.


Recommended Flies:

DRIES: Parachute Adams #16-20, Elk Hair Caddis #16-18, Parachute Caddis, #16-22, Screaming Banshee #16-18, high vis Hatchmatcher #18-20, Brooks Sprout Baetis #18-22, Parachute Extended Body BWO #18-22

NYMPHS: Tungsten Black Beauty #18-22, Tailwater Tiny Olive #18-20, Micro Mayfly Olive #20-24,Tungsten Psycho #16-20, Bottom Roller Caddis #14-18, Nitro Caddis #16-18, Caddis Poopa olive #18-20

STREAMERS: Slumpbuster Olive, Crystal Bugger, Olive Bopp leech.

Guides Hint:


SAN JOAQUIN RIVER         Local Weather and Flows  ROAD IS CLOSED
Visitor Center Info (760) 924-5500

Water Conditions

Flows are at 16 cfs as of 10/23

Click "Flows" above for up to the minute info.

Fishing conditions: Poor to fair

San Joaquin river is closed after the 15th of this month

Recommended Flies: #18-20 Zebra Midges, #16 Golden Stone, #16-18 Pheasant Tail, #16-20 Purple Prince Nymph

Dries: #16-18 Yellow or Tan Stimulator, #18 Elk hair Caddis, Ant and # 14-16 mayfly patterns

Guides Hint:


CROWLEY LAKE -   Local Weather    Fish Camp Cam  Crowley Cam     Surface Elevation UPDATED 11/1


Water Conditions:




Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Good

Crowley will be closed after the 15th


Recommended Flies:


Albino Barons, Red Barons early and later in the morning go to Copper Tigers, Red/Black dubbed head Optimidges, then Flashback Gray/Black Optimidges, Shaft Emergers when sun is overhead - all small.For perch patterns:hornbergs 6-12,birds nest 12-16,punk perch 10-14

Guides Hint:


UPPER OWENS RIVER- Local Weather and Flows


Water Conditions: Fair

Flows are at 89 cfs as of 11/15.

Click "Flows" above for up to the minute info.



Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fair to Good

The Owens river has been producing some good fish, however it can be a grind to get these fish to eat lately. Primarily because of how spooky they are. Give the bank as much girth as possible and stay low. That paired with a good drift should get you into some of those larger lakefish that everyone is chasing this time of year. The evening is still a good time to get some fish on the surface with dries. Nymphs and streamers can be the more productive option from late morning through the mid day.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: Stimulator #16, Extended Body BWO #16, Elk Hair Caddis #16-18, Parachute Adams #16-20

NYMPHS: #12-16 Bead Head Prince Nymph, #16-18 Pheasant Tail, Flashback Hares Ear #14-16, Anderson's Bird of Prey #14-16, Olive birds nest #14-16, zebra midge #18-22, Juju baetis #18-22, Splitcase BWO #18-22, Olive WD-40 (standard or flashy) #18-22

STREAMERS: Meat Whistle, D's Hoover Mover, Tan Sculpzilla, Olive or Black Woolly Bugger, Olive Slumpbuster, Olive baby gonga, Olive Double Gonga. A sink tip or full sink type 3 is recommended, otherwise add some splitshot to help your bug get down in the water columne.

Guides Hint


Lower Owens River - Local Weather and Flows

Water Conditions: Fair

flows are down to 121.7 as of 11/15

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: good

Flows have dropped down again and are in 100's and fishing is still good. with the calmer waters the dry fly bite has definitely been picking up. Otherwise nymphing and streamer fishing and nymphing have been very productive.

Recommended Flies:

Griffith's Gnat #20, Extended Body BWO #20-22, Para Adams #18-20, Elk Hair Caddis #16-20, Parachute Caddis #16-18, Brooks sproutbaetis #18-22, Yellow and tan Stimulators #14-16

NYMPH: Zebra Midge #18-20, Baetis B/H #18-20, Barr's Uncased Caddis #14-16, Tungsten Caddis #14-18, Birds Nest Olive or Natural #12-16 Stonefly nymphs #14-16, Barr's flashback BWO #18-22, Kingrey's Cold Turkey Baetis #18-22

STREAMERS: Big and ugly! serously.. pick your favorite large streamer and huck it everywhere. you will catch fewer fish but theres a chance to catch much larger fish this way.

Guides Hint:


East Walker River - Local Weather and Flows

Water Conditions: Fair

Flows are down to 24 cfs as of 11/15

Click "Flows" above for up to the minute info.


Fishing Conditions and Hatches: fair to Good

flows are still low and slow, but there is still opportunity to land the fish that the east walker is known for. big dries or a dry dropper have been effective with the current water levels. otherwise nymphing and streamer fishing are great options. smaller midges and mayflies are still hatching on and off throughout the day. Recently covering water has been key, throw cast at anything 18 inches or deeper as the fish are holding in a variety of water types. that being said, it can be worthwhile to spend a little extra time at deeper holes. we have been getting reports that multiple fish can be caught out of each deep pocket you come accross.


DRIES: Big flies to get fish to come up and eat them. Stimulator #8, Parawolf Purple #10, Chernobyl Ant #6-16, #20-22 dark mayfly patterns

NYMPHS: Copper Zebra #16, BH Prince Nymphs #12-14, Olive Birds Nest #10-16, Caddis Larva #10-18,Stonefly Nymphs #6-10, Hogan's S&M #16-20, Pocket Water Baetis #18-20, black Two-bit Hooker #18-20, Kingrey's Cold Turkey Baetis #18-22

STREAMERS: Meat Whistle #2, D's Hoover Mover Rust #4, Hornbergs #10-12,White Wooly buggers #10-14, Orange Jawbreaker #10

Guides Hint:


Pyramid Lake, NV   - Report Courtesy of Chris Wharton Call 775-851-1558 for more info or bookings.

Water conditions:

Water will be in the mid 60's area, and is normally gin clear this time of year.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches


FISHING COND: The fly guys are getting fish in the 10-30' range from the tubes. Alot of fish are in the 5-6lb. range and pulling hard. As the water starts to get into the 57-58 degree range in Nov. the larger fish will start to move into the shallower water and be accessible from the shore. This is my personal favorite time from about Nov. 5th. until mid Dec. if you want to target trophy fish, we landed fish to 18lbs last year during this time frame. 

Recommended Flies:

Best patterns for the fall fishing include, weighted Wooly Buggers in Olives and Whites. And Tui Chub baitfish patterns which acct. for 90% of the Cutts. food chain here. We have a specialized imitation that accounts for many large fish and numbers as well.

Guides Hint: Heavy fast sinking lines and flies are the go to in Oct. Find the level they are at and stay on them.This report came from Chris Wharton. I met Chris for the first time several years ago at Pyramid and he was super helpful in getting my game on. I think you could not do better than getting the same treatment before you try your hand at Pyramid. He even has ladders for his clients. -kent

Stillwater Guide Service . . . or 775-851-1558.


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